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A woman drinking wine on a patio in the summer


Bar Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 3pm - 2:30am

Friday: 2pm - 2:30am

Saturday: 12pm - 2:30am

Sunday: 12pm - 12am

1237 Vine Street

Cincinnati, Ohio 45202


Our Chefs


"The Lackman can't find a way to disappoint me. I haven't had a single bad experience at this establishment. The staff is very knowledgable and usually pretty friendly. Sure, it's a little frustrating if they're super packed, but that's not really something to ding the bar for. Yes, have a semi small space, but that's just the way OTR is. All restaurants and bars have to deal with the space issue. What's cool is that they open up the front walls/windows when it's not too cold outside. There's a decent amount of seating between the bar, high top tables, and half-booths. It is pretty cozy and dimly lit when it's not totally bright outside.

Their cocktail, wine and beer menu is consistently awesome. I've tried a few of their crafted drinks and have enjoyed them all. My favorite so far is the Blanche. It's almost like a better version of summer shandy, not too sweet and doesn't taste like lemon cleaning supplies. It was really refreshing. My boyfriend ordered a Negroni the last time we went, and it's the first time I've liked one.

Bonus: they gave a cool old school jukebox in the back corner. Fun little touch.

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